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sketchometry - Smartphone

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Our sketchometry worksheets exemplarily present different topics of geometry teaching. Each worksheet unit begins with an information sheet for teachers that contains

  • prerequisites and learning objectives of the following worksheet,
  • a list of sketchometry gestures and tools that are required for the worksheet,
  • additional proposals regarding the topic of the worksheet.

The students’ worksheet serves as a template for printing or copying and begins with construction tasks. The following instructions ask the students to experiment, to explore, to observe, and to write down their findings.

A result sheet (copy template) facilitates the documentation, especially for beginners. Here the students have the possibility to write down their observations, conjectures, and results in a structured way. Handwritten notes and sketches foster sustainable learning.


Discovering and Proving the Triangle Sum (PDF)

Explore the Midpoint Quadrilateral of a Kite (PDF)

Explore the Midpoint Quadrilateral of a Quadrilateral (PDF)