In touch with geometry!

First steps

When starting sketchometry for the first time a drawing canvas is opened. Now you can start!

sketchometry - draving canvas

Sketch with your finger or with the mouse pointer a line, a circle or a triangle. sketchometry will recognize your sketch.

You can find more information how to use gestures on the page Gestures.

sketchometry - GUI

Undo and redo

The toolbar contains the buttons Undo and Redo. You can use these buttons to revert construction steps and movements.


Construct and Drag (Move)

With the button Construct (construct mode), constructing can be enabled and disabled.

With the button Drag (drag mode), dragging of elements can be enabled and disabled. If enabled, you can drag around free points, lines and circles or rotate lines.

Drag and Construct can be enabled and disabled independent from each other.

Delete, Hide, Measure

If the buttons Delete or Hide are active, you can delete or hide eleements by simply tapping or clicking on them.


For measurements the button Measure has to be activated.

For example, click on a segment and then on a free position of the canvas. The length of the segment will be displayed.

Object properties

Click on the button Prop..

Choose an object by clicking on it.

sketchometry - Eigenschaften

A dialog will appear in which you can change properties of the object like colors and line width.

sketchometry - GUI

By clicking on the home symbol in the toolbar you will return into the Gallery of sketchometry. It contains all your constructions. The gallery is also the place where constructions can be exported and imported and default settings can be changed.