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sketchometry not only runs on tablets but also in the web browser on desktop computers or laptops. No installation or additional software is necessary. Moreover - sketchometry can be used both online as well as offline - for example on an USB stick. Your constructions can be stored locally on the computer or in the cloud.


Use sketchometry for your homework. Constructions can be done quickly. Print out the result or share your interactive drawings using the cloud.

sketchometry - Tablet

Can you do your construction with circle and ruler in your notebook as exact as with sketchometry? Try it!


Use sketchometry to prepare lessons. Constructions are quickly done and are available in classroom on your tablet or laptop. Students can use your constructions using cloud storage or WebDAV.

Create screen shots from sketchometry constructions and include them in text documents. In no time good looking work sheets are prepared.

sketchometry - Tablet Arbeitsblatt