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sketchometry on tablets

Instantly available, sketchometry can be used to create and study constructions and to discover geometric connections.


sketchometry is a new tool to enrich math education. Sketch your ideas with your finger on the tablet. sketchometry creates interactive constructions from the drawing. Discover geometric connections, test conjectures and write down your results in your notebook.

sketchometry - Tablet

Study angles on parallel lines, which are intersected by a line. First, mark the angles:

Parallele Geraden - Winkelgeste Parallele Geraden - Winkel Parallele Geraden - Winkelgeste Parallele Geraden - Winkel

Then, measure the angles by tapping on them. What can you see?

Parallele Geraden - Winkelmessung

What are step angles, alternate angles, supplementary angles …?

You can use sketchometry like a pocket calculator … switch on and here we go!


sketchometry can be used in classroom - as a station in a station run or in working groups. After switching on the tablets sketchometry is instantly available as drawing tool. Therefore, it even can be used for short phases of introduction into a subject and is integrated seamlessly into classroom activities.

sketchometry - Tablet

On the projector the students see and explore interactive constructions in classroom.

Presenting on a projector

The content of the tablet screen is broadcast to the projector.

Some tablets have an HDMI connector to connect the tablet with a cable to the projector.

Sometimes, a VGA adapter is necessary. Some manufacturers offer propietary adapters, e.g. Apple.

More comfort is offered by a wireless transmission of the screen content. For this a receiver device (e.g. AppleTV) has to be connected to the projector. The tablet transmits data via WLAN to the receiver.

This allows sketchometry to be used from everywhere in classroom. This is of advantage especially if new geometric connections are studied or if results are presented.