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sketchometry on an electronic whiteboard

With sketchometry on an electronic whiteboard there is no longer need to walk through complex submenu structures. No tools have to choosen to draw objects. Just draw your construction. sketchometry will recognice the objects.

sketchometry - Elektronische Tafel

Draw a triangle and it will appear.

Dreieck Geste Dreieck

Mark an angle and it will be displayed.

Dreieck Winkelgeste Dreieck Winkel

Constructions can be done much faster and more intuitively than with traditional # dynamic geometry software.

If in addition students work with tablets, they can see the gestures on the whiteboard, which are needed for the construction.

Menu bar

The default position of the menu bar in sketchometry is on top of the screen. In the _Settings_ dialog in the gallery the position of the menu bar can be set to the bottom of the screen.

This makes sketchometry easier to use on electronic whiteboards.

sketchometry - Menüleiste unten