In touch with geometry

Geometry with your fingertips

sketchometry is a different kind of dynamic math software.

  • A tool for sketching and discovering.
  • Intuitive gestures instead of a complex menu structure.
  • Specially geared to the requirements of teaching and learning.
  • Easy to learn step by step.

Sketch. Explore. Understand.

You draw with your finger on your smartphone or tablet. sketchometry converts your sketches into precise geometric constructions that you can modify and move.

Mathematics becomes an experimental subject. No ready-made results are presented, learners are encouraged to go on a journey of discovery by themselves.

sketchometry is free of charge and can be used both at school and at home.

Using sketchometry

Whether tablet, computer, smartphone or electronic whiteboard, sketchometry runs without installation in any modern browser.

Currently, sketchometry is available in version v2.0 (2024-06-28).


One app and much more