sketchometry has been developed at the University of Bayreuth and is free of charge. The software can be used both at educational institutions and privately.

Enjoy sketchometry directly in the browser or as an app.

sketchometry in the browser

Whether tablet, computer, smartphone or electronic whiteboard, sketchometry runs without installation in any current browser.


The URL is:

sketchometry as an app

sketchometry will soon be available as an app.

sketchometry previous version

sketchometry 1.5.3-legacy goes into “retirement”, but can still be used:

Start previous version

Gesture overview

All sketchometry tool gestures are compactly summarized on two pages in the gesture overview.

In digital form, printed out as an overview sheet or as a poster in the classroom, the sketchometry gestures are always at hand.

Additional materials

For the design of your own teaching materials under the Creative-Common Licence:

Graphics of the sketchometry gestures, tools and fonts are available in various formats.

Gesture graphics

PNG format

Gesture graphics – PNG- format

SVG format

Gesture graphics – SVG format

sketchometry font

TTF font

sketcho.ttf – TTF font

WOFF font

sketcho.woff – WOFF font