sketchometry on the Computer

sketchometry - Computer

Use sketchometry to explore geometry on the computer. You work with mouse and keyboard and create new objects with mouse gestures. Discover properties and relationships and test conjectures by dragging parts of your objects.

In the Classroom

A laptop or a computer is connected to a data-projector. You use sketchometry as a presentation tool. Example: Draw a triangle on the computer screen and create the perpendicular bisectors of the sides. Drag any vertex of the triangle and observe the position of the intersection point of the perpendicular bisectors. The position (inside or outside of the triangle or on one side) depends on the shape of the triangle.


Dynamic interactions like this give the power to explore, to analyze, and to understand mathematics better than ever before. In connection with an interactive whiteboard you can also handle sketchometry with your finger or a pen.

In the Computer Lab

Dynamic mathematics software is often used in a computer lab. Students work at their own computer, construct with sketchometry, and compare their findings with those of their neighbors. Finally the students’ findings are summarized in a whole-class discussion.

sketchometry - Laptop

You save your constructions locally on your laptop or computer or you share them via the cloud.

At Home on the Computer

sketchometry runs not only on tablets, but also in the browser on your computer. No installation or additional software is required. And the highlight: you can use sketchometry both online and offline, for example from a USB stick. You save your constructions locally on the computer or the cloud.

Student Perspective

Use sketchometry for your homework. Constructions are easily created. Print the result or share your interactive drawings via the cloud.

sketchometry - Tablet

Compare your ruler and compass construction with your sketchometry construction! Which one looks better? Check it out!

Teacher Perspective

sketchometry is ideally suited for teacher presentation. The teacher prepares constructions at home and they are available on any kind of computer in the classroom. Students can access the prepared constructions via the cloud or WebDAV.

Screenshots of sketchometry constructions can easily be pasted into text documents. Thus well-structured and excellent worksheets can be created in less than no time.

sketchometry - Tablet worksheet